Frequently asked questions

How soon should I book my bridal hair?

As soon as possible, I get booked up very far in advance so if you like
my work then don’t wait.

When shall I book my bridal trail?

I usually recommend trials to go ahead 8-10 weeks before the big day because your hair will be the accurate length (please don’t get it cut after your trial unless it’s a trim) also if you would like your bridal trial on a Saturday then it needs to be booked well in advance *Top Tip* Try and book your last dress fitting, make up trial and hair trial on the same day so you can see everything together

Do I wash my hair before my bridal trial and wedding day?

YES PLEASE!! So, a lot of people think its best to leave shampooing your hair days and days before so it holds better. There is some truth in this, however please shampoo and condition your hair the evening before (not days and days before) and dry smooth as this way you’ll
have clean shiny looking hair, I work with lots of products to help manipulate your hair so it will hold well regardless, its much better to have clean fresh looking hair.

Does hair or make up go first on a wedding morning?

There is no right answer to this, having worked in the wedding industry
over 10 years, I have had the opportunity to work alongside many
amazing make up artists. Some prefer hair to be done before and some
after but normally we just work around each other, we do it all the time
so please don’t worry, your only job is to relax and enjoy your wedding
morning, let us take control!
*Top Tip* It’s a good idea to have an order of who needs to be ready first
to last!

Should I have a wedding morning plan?

So, I always suggest a very lose plan, I always compare a wedding morning plan to a birthing plan (haha) its impossible to plan every little detail with an order of exactly how you want it to be, with hair and make up artists, florists turning up, family in and out, opening gifts, the photographer arriving, the venue bringing up breakfast etc. All the planning and hard work you’ve done on the months approaching your wedding is for the morning to come together and it always does perfectly. All us suppliers in the wedding industry know exactly what we’re doing and how to work around each other. All you need to do is sit back, let us
pamper you and enjoy the morning of your big day with those who are spending it with you!

What time is best to start?

The earlier the better! The last thing you want is to run out of time, the
earlier we start the more relaxed you’ll be. On average I would say it
takes around 45 mins - 1hour per person so its always good to factor
that in when thinking of timings.

Do you provide a make-up service as well as hair?

Just hair from me girls, however I regularly work with amazingly talented make up artists so just ask for a recommendation and I can send you a link.

How long before the ceremony should we be ready?

Its ideal if your bridal party can all be ready 45 mins to an hour before having to leave for the ceremony so you have time to breathe, have some photos done and just relax for a minute (The last few hours of the morning goes so quickly)