Frequently asked questions

Why Choose a freelance hairdresser?

For many people having a freelance hairdresser who will come to you is much more convenient, it offers you a lot more flexibility, not worrying about childcare or pets, no parking or travel problems (let’s be honest we all know how long it takes for a colour, cut and finish).

I have a daughter myself, so I know how hard it is to get some “you time”. Being a freelance hairdresser enables me to provide a more personal experience as you will only ever be booked in with me rather then being passed from stylist to stylist in a salon. After working in salons for 15 years I am so pleased to finally be able to dedicate all my time and attention on one client at a time.

What do i need to supply?

Only a chair near an electric socket, I bring everything else customised to the service your having, from gowns, towels, plastic capes, colours, products, shampoos/conditioners/treatments, hairdryer and straighteners etc.

Are you insured?


How long does each service take?

I can’t say for definite as everyone’s hair length and thickness varies however I can give you a rough idea,

Cut & Finish – 45mins – 1 hour

Blow-dry – 45 mins

Occasion hair – 1 hour

All Colours – can be anything from 1-4 hours (this is including 45 mins developing time)

What area's do you cover?

I cover a wide range of areas across Berkshire but mainly the Reading and Wokingham.

Do you charge for travel?

If I am required to travel out of the areas in which I normally work then an additional travel cost may be added, otherwise all travel costs are factored into my price list (I will always inform you when booking if a travel cost will apply)

What payment methods do you use?

Cash or bank transfer (preferably bank transfer), please note all payments must be made at your appointment and no later.

What hours do you work?

Monday - Off

Tuesday - 09.00am - 14.45pm

Wednesday - 09.00am - 14.45pm

Thursday - 09.00am - 20.00pm

Friday - 09.00am - 14.45pm

Saturday - 10.00am - 16.30pm

Sunday - weddings only

Do i need to shampoo my hair before my appointment?

If you are a new client then please leave your hair dry for when I arrive , this will allow me to see your hair in its natural state and analyse the condition, texture and thickness before I start. Then either you can shampoo and condition your hair or I can do it for you, what ever you feel more comfortable with.

Once I have got to know your hair, you can then shampoo and condition your hair ready for when I arrive.

For all colour treatments hair must be washed and dryed at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, this allows the colour process to work to its full capacity.

Do you cut and style mens hair too?

Yes, I am qualified and experienced in men’s hair and children/toddlers too, however I only carry out this service when accompanied by a ladies existing appointment.